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Minggu, 30 Januari 2011


Coraline Jones, a girl of ten or so, moves with her parents into an apartement in a dilapidated pink Victorian. On a walk with a dousing rod, Coraline meets Wybie Lovat, whose gramndmother grew up in the house, and his cat.They find an old well on the hill above the house. Wybie is a little suprised that his grandmother agreed to rent the Joneses. Ussualy she tries to find tenants without children. Later, he gives Coraline an old rag-doll that he found at his grandmother's. The button-eyed doll looks strikingly like Coraline. He tells Coraline that his grandmother had a sister who disapeared as a child, and that he's never been inside the house.

That night, Coraline gets up and follows a mouse through the small door, which now opens on a mysterious tunnel. At the other end of the tunnel is another living room in another house that looks like Coraline's. It's inhabited by people who look like Coraline's parents, except that they have buttons where their eyes should be -- like the doll Wybie gave her. Other mother and Other father are kinder and more attentive than her real parents, and Coraline's delighted with them -- but when she wakes up, she's back in her real life. Coraline visits the tenants of the other apartments in the house ; upstairs, Mr. Bobinsky who keeps a circus of trained mice ; and downstairs, Miss Miriam Forcible and Miss April Spink, a pair of retired actresses who live with their scottie dogs. As she leaves the actresses she runs into Wybie who reveals that he's never been in tha Pink Palace because his grandmother fearshe will suffer the same fate as her twin sister-who was stolen. She goes through the door againthe that night where she meets a button-eyed version of Wybie who can't speak, and the Other Mr. Bobinsky, whose mice puton a show. She goes back to her world when her mother refuses to buy her some gloves, Coraline becomes upset and goes back through the tunnel. She discovers that Wybie's cat is the same cat (it has real eyes and can move between the real world and the other world at will) and it warms Coraline about the Other mother. The other Miss Miriam and other Miss Spink put on a show for a delighted Coraline.

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